A Process of Freeing Yourself From Your Childhood Experiences that are Still Haunting You Today

You’ve worked hard to let go and move on from your unhealthy, abusive, or neglectful childhood experiences.  Yet, you can’t help but feel trapped when certain patterns keep popping up in your life.  

You’ve noticed that no matter how hard you try to separate your life from the past, you are continuing to suffer the consequences of not having your needs met when you were growing up.  

You often question what is wrong with you and wish you could just shake off the feeling that you’re not good enough.  You’re tired of feeling this way, and you just wish you knew what would help you get better. 

Over time, you’ve noticed patterns that keep showing up for you, like:

  • Frequently feeling overwhelmed and out of control

  • Making decisions and later questioning why 

  • Reacting strongly when someone says or does something to upset you

  • Frequently feeling insecure and unstable in social situations

  • Getting wrapped up in relationships that are unhealthy or even toxic

  • Struggling to set boundaries and make your needs a priority


Even though most days feel like there’s no hope for achieving the life you want, there are healthy, sustainable, and achievable ways to break free from the consequences of your childhood experiences. 

Imagine being able to wake up most days and feel like you’re in a good place in your life.  You’re able to sleep peacefully at night, and you wake up looking forward to your day. You’ve learned how to show up for yourself in a way that you’ve always needed and you no longer depend on someone else meeting your needs.  

Imagine finding compassion and kindness for yourself.  You aren’t beating yourself up about your mistakes anymore and are able to go through your day taking actions that feel good and meaningful. 



You can create that life, and you can finally feel good about who you are and the choices you make.  You can start living a healthier, happier life through this program, Break Away.

In Break Away, you will:

  • Identify how past experiences are impacting your life in ways you never realized.

  • Develop an understanding of ways to navigate your emotions and reactions so that you are in control rather than your emotions taking over.

  • Create a system that works to support your needs so that you can show up for yourself in a way that is compassionate, gentle, loving, and ultimately healing. 

  • Discover why you’ve gotten stuck in these patterns all of your life so you can break free from their grip and start making choices that feel good and healthy.

  • Process and heal from past harms so they don't continue interfering with your life today.



The Break Away program is broken into three phases so you can get just what you need when you need it.  Not everyone is ready for long term intensive therapy, and sometimes what you need is just a little education and support.  You get to choose how much you want and need and when you're ready for it. 

Phase 1: Introduction to Trauma

Phase 1 is a 4 week program that includes 4 live one hour video sessions where you'll learn about trauma, how it shows up in your life, and some foundation skills related to navigating trauma. This phase is a fantastic starting place that will give you the knowledge and skills to really start making major shifts in your life. 

Phase 1 investment: $600

*A limited number of reduced fee slots are available for those with financial hardship. Please message me for details in requesting a reduced fee slot. 

Phase 2: Navigating Recovery

Phase 2 is a 3 month program with weekly one-on-one live video sessions. It involves support and guidance in applying the concepts and lessons from phase 1 into your daily life. As you learn to implement the knowledge and skills, you'll find yourself making progress you never imagined possible. 

Phase 2 investment: 3 monthly payments of $600

Phase 3: Deep Healing


You've made it through the first 2 phases and you're feeling like you're finally able to navigate your life.  Yet, you still have all these past traumas you haven't yet worked through and you keep finding them popping up.  You're ready for phase 3, where we begin really diving into those past traumas, processing, and healing so you can finally move on with your life.  

Phase 3 will take a different amount of time for each person.  Therefore, phase 3 includes 4 monthly one hour video sessions for as long as you need. 

Phase 3 investment: Monthly payments of $600


You’ve been ready to take steps to feel better and break away from your childhood experiences for a long time.  Now you can with the BREAK AWAY program. 

**Insurance is not accepted at this time. However, out of network benefits may be available. Check with your insurance provider to determine if you qualify for out of network benefits for online individual therapy.**


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