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Parts 2 & 3

Clinical Track

For Illinois licensed & pre-licensed counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists

Part 2 Clinical Track

Developmental Trauma Recovery

As one of the most common types of trauma for long term symptoms, this training dives into recognizing and treating adults with unresolved developmental trauma.

  • Introduction to Developmental Trauma

Exposure to unsafe and neglectful environments during the developmental stages can leave a lifetime of symptoms. Find out what and why. 

  • Untreated Developmental Trauma in Adulthood

When trauma in early life goes untreated, a healthy adulthood can be hard to obtain. Signs & symptoms are explored. 

  • Treatment Options for Developmental Trauma

Explore options to help move through the developmental trauma recovery process.

Part 3

Trauma Resolution & Maintenance

What does it mean to resolve trauma? How do you measure recovery? And how does one reach resolution? These topics and more will be explored deeply, and skills will be identified and practiced for helping others move through the recovery process.

  • Trauma Resolution

    • Signs of resolution​

    • Steps to move clients into the resolution stage

  • Recovery Maintenance

    • Trauma recovery steps to assist in the maintenance of recovery

    • Practice new skills through interactive application lessons  

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